The topography of your coating

The topography of your coating

Polymer beads can be used to design the topography of your coating.

Customize the haptic and optical effects of your paint surface by finding the right balance between film thickness and bead diameter.

Formulate anything from uniformly smooth surfaces to coarse-textured surfaces with Decosphaera® and Spheromers® representing a particle diameter range from 3 to 60 μm.

Application example: Spheromers® for Coil Coatings

Spheromers® can efficiently be used to design matte coil coatings with a desired structure. The extremely narrow bead distribution ensures homogeneous and reproducible properties for your coating. Smooth to coarse textured coatings can be designed accurately and reproducible by choosing the ideal particle size of the Spheromers®. A metallic sparkling effect can be achieved by combining Spheromers® with aluminium pigments.