Architectural Paints 

Transforming Indoor Spaces with Innovative Textures, Ultra-Matt Finishes, and Unrivaled Performance

Spheromers® hard acrylic beads are especially well suited to formulate deep matte interior wall paints in combination with pigments and fillers without compromising

  • burnish,
  • wet scrub,
  • abrasion,
  • scratch or
  • chemical resistance. 

The optimal size of Spheromers® depends on the size of fillers and pigments in the formulation. 
A gloss level below 2 gloss units at an angle of 85° combined with excellent side sheen control, good scratch resistance and a durable easy to clean surface can be achieved. 

As Spheromers® are totally transparent you never have to compromise between a deep matt surface and bright or dark colours anymore! 


Decosphaera® soft urethane beads introduces silky peach haptic touch, scratch resistance, abrasion resilience, and washability for indoor wall paints. 

The unique pigmented Decosphaera® range offers different particle sizes and are available in 5 colours.
By mixing different colours and particle sizes, with or without traditional pigments, you can create an infinite number of tactile and visual effects creating unique effects like brush works and multicolour effects without losing performance.

Decosphaera® Transparent HAP 30 is a new inorganic matting agent based on hydroxyapatite that expands our portfolio beyond polymer beads. 
Decosphaera® Transparent HAP 30 offers low gloss at different angles, high wet-scrub, dry-burnishing resistance, good whiteness and good pigment compatibility.