Light Diffusion 

Tailor your light with Spheromers®

Tailor your light with Spheromers<sup>®</sup>

Spheromers® are advanced light diffusing additives. The perfectly spherical beads have extremely narrow particle size distribution that ensures homogeneous and reproducible properties in light diffusing applications. The narrow size distribution facilitates full control of the amount and size of added beads and ensure all beads contribute to diffusion efficiency without decreasing overall light transmission.

The light diffusion effect is determined by the difference in refractive index between plastic matrix and polymer particles, the particle diameter and loading level of particles. Spheromers® will be effective in engineering plastics including polycarbonate,  polystyrene, PET/PETG, ABS and SAN.    

As Spheromers® are monosized with perfectly spherical shape, they create a model system that enable you to design desired light diffusion properties. High light transmission and a wide range of half value angles are possible to target.

Some potential applications include LED lighting applications, light diffusion films, frosty look, building design elements and furniture, signs/displays and consumer appliances.


Spherolight Project

Microbeads has recently completed the research project Spherolight to increase knowledge about the effect our beads have on optical properties. The project was a cooperation with the research institute Norner Innovation and was partly funded by the Research Council of Norway. 

Read more about our research project in Norner News and contact us for more information. 

The use of polymer beads as light diffusing additives is well-known and is described in more detail in this article in LEDs Magazine.