Industrial Applications 

Inks, Coil and Foil Coatings

Decosphaera® redefines soft-touch luxury with improved abrasion, burnish and scratch resistance for inks, paper foils, coil coatings, paper coatings and over print varnishes (OPV)Decosphaera® can be used in waterborne, solventborne and 100% UV/EB systems.

Spheromers® monosized hard acrylic beads impart smooth matte coating with antiscratch resilience, chemical resistance and paperlike allure in inks, paper and foil coatings.

Spheromers® can also efficiently be used to design matte coil coatings with a desired structure.

The extremely narrow particle size distribution ensures homogeneous and reproducible properties for your coating.

Smooth to coarse textured coatings can be designed accurately and reproducible by choosing the ideal particle size of the Spheromers®.

A metallic sparkling effect can be achieved by combining Spheromers® with aluminium or pearlescent pigments.