Redefining Automotive World with Ultra-Matt Finishes, Soft Touch, and Unmatched Mechanical and Chemical Resistance

Decosphaera®, with its extraordinary technology based on cross-linked polyurethane spheres, is ideal for developing automotive top coats with excellent properties. Our innovative range allows silica free top coat formulations that meet the rigorous automotive testing requirements. 

The refractive index of Decosphaera®  matches most binders ensuring top coats with an extraordinary level of transparancy, ensuring unmistakable black jetness.
The excellent elasticity enable the formulator the flexibility to customize surface friction without compromising other properties. 

Decosphaera® excels in the stick slip test, providing an effective solution against unwanted noise. The ability to absorb and reduce noise makes Decosphaera® the ideal choice for automotive applications requiring silent performance

Decosphaera® has excellent dry and wet scrub resistance combined with thermal stabiliy and resilience ensuring absence of repolishing and maintaining low gloss level (<1°) during full product life cycle. 

Decosphaera® delivers ultra-matt elegance, soft-touch luxury, and formidable mechanical resistances for all interior automotive surfaces including natural leather and synthetic material seats and dashboards. 

Decosphaera® can be used in waterborne, solventborne and 100% UV/EB systems

Spheromers® hard monosized acrylic beads help to formulate smoothe matte coatings with improved chemical and xenon resistance combined with superb transparency, scratch/abrasion resistance and black jetness. 

Typical applications include interior automotive surfaces like dashboard, handles and epdm trim that require high chemical and stain resistance

Spheromers® can also be used in automotive plastic applications like exterior bumpers and in light diffusion applications.
More information on plastics applications here