Decosphaera® Transparent HAP 30  

New inorganic matting agent for coatings and plastics

Matte finishing

In many coating applications and in architectural paints in particular, there is a tendency in the market to prefer matte finishes Vs. glossy surfaces, since they can better mask scratches, craters and impurities.  
As well they provide higher cleanability, better surface sensitivity and haptic qualities.
The most common matting agents are silicas, waxes, fillers and polymer beads. Each of them has drawbacks and presents challenges for the formulators.

Hydroxyapatite (HAp)

Hydroxyapatite (HAp)

Hydroxyapatite is a form of calcium phosphate that results to be the main component of teeth and bones.

Kalichem, a Lamberti company specialized in cosmeceuticals, started the technological development of synthetic HAp for the cosmetic and personal care market. 
To meet the increasing market demand we have now expanded the manufacturing capacity in Lamberti's Albizzate plant.

At the same time we started to study in our laboratories  the application of HAp in industrial fields. 

HAP as matting agent

HAP as matting agent

Today we are ready to present Decosphaera® Transparent HAP 30 our new matting agent for Architectural paints.

Decosphaera® Transparent HAP 30  showed, in our own test:

  • low gloss at different angles,
  • high wet-scrub, 
  • dry-burnishing resistance,
  • good whiteness, 
  • good pigment compatibility.


Performance Evaluation

Decosphaera® Transparent HAP 30  Key Characteristics Performance Evaluation
1 Rheology/viscosity 5/5
2 Pigment compatibility 4,2/5
3 Whiteness 4,4/5
4 Hiding power 3 / 5
5 Gloss 5 / 5
6 Dry-burnish resistance 4 / 5
7 Wet-scrub resistance 3 / 5
8 Settling May occur
9 Rheology adjustment Necessary

Test results are avilable in the presentation "Hydroxyapatite for architectural paints: Decosphaera® Transparent HAP 30". Click the teaser at the end of this page for download.

Decosphaera® Transparent HAP 30 / overall comparison

Decosphaera<sup>®</sup> Transparent HAP 30 / overall comparison