Spheromers® as superior polymer anti-blocking agents

Spheromers<sup>®</sup> as superior polymer anti-blocking agents

In production of blown or cast polyolefins films, a common challenge is blocking of two adjacent layers of film due to adhesion. When used as a polymer anti-blocking agent Spheromers® create controlled space between the film layers by sticking out from the film surface creating “little bumps”, which help to minimize film to film surface contact, increasing the distance between the two layers, thereby minimizing blocking.
The extremely narrow particle size distribution ensures homogeneous, controlled and reproducible effects.

PMMA beads have a refractive index close to polyolefins and are usually targeted to more demanding applications where they optimize antiblocking performance without impacting the clarity of the film.
Typical examples are polyethylene and BOPP packaging films

The chemical composition of Spheromers®  and the perfect spherical shape ensure tough beads that remain unchanged during normal processing conditions. Spheromers® does not contain any toxic materials or additives like fire retardants, UV-stabilizers or antioxidants nor any heavy metals which may cause environmental damage or health risks.

Spheromers® is suitable for food contact applications and documentation is available upon request.