The importance of polymeric additives to design sustainable deep matt WB coatings  

Paint & Coatings 2023, Polymer Academy session: 18/10/2023, 10:00 a.m.

Matting is a property for waterborne coatings that has been growing in the recent years because it is able to deliver an extraordinary tactile and visual experience: smoothness, natural look, uniformity, luxury, no-shimmering, not tiring to the eye are just some of the sensations that people feel touching deep matt surfaces.

Gabriele Costa, Global Product Manager Bio Resins & Additives, will analyse and compare the performance and formulative requirements of different types of the most used matting additives in the market, addressing the design of new sustainable ultra matt waterborne coatings for interior wood flooring, furniture and architectural coatings. 

The presentation will be held during next Paint & Coatings 2023, in Milan at NH Milano Congress Centre, Assago